Monday, July 30, 2007

Moon Flower - Seeds Sown

It seems that even the Full Moon has a sense of humor.

I had intended to sow the moon flower seeds by the light of the full moon at precisely midnight...then, at 8:30pm last night there was an overabundance of severe thunderstorm warnings in my area. So, instead the seeds were sown by the light of the hidden from view full moon at 9PM.

The thick black cloud cover made it impossible for me to admire the full moon, however, the full moon was there. It's the effort that counts as even though I couldn't exactly see the full moon, I know that the moon flower seeds "sense" that the full moon is there encouraging them to grow! grow! grow!!!!!

Nestled safely in their small Jiffy greenhouse, the moon flower seeds are preparing to germinate themselves into this great wide world! After all, the culmination of my meticulous moon flower meditative efforts was a brilliant rain dance complete with explosive thunder claps and magnificent lightning displays!

I have no doubt, that last night's full moon was indeed a fitting and splendid night for sowing moon flower seeds. If the tiny hopeful seeds weren't impressed with the unseen full moon, than by far the booming thunder and crackling lightning should have them leaping out of those seeds if only due to having the begeezuz scared out of them!

I planted a total of 16 seeds to start with in regular potting soil. I hope to see some tiny moon flower plants peeping out within the next 2-4 weeks. The Jiffy greenhouse is in a warm sunny spot on my front porch and I plan to keep the soil moist, but not overly damp.

More photos and information about growing Moon Flowers will follow in the upcoming weeks so keep checking back to see how Cemetery Road's official flowers are progressing! Or, click on the Moon Flower label for past posts.

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