Monday, July 16, 2007

Revenge of the Refrigerator

1 crying (hungry) + 1 sneaking (thirsty) = Revenge of the Refrigerator.

Since I couldn't factor in two additional seconds or at least another 1/2 of myself, the results of today's equation equal one small disaster. Or today, revenge of the refrigerator. Yep. It only happens when I clean.

Did you know this little fella could get the refrigerator door open and pour his own cup of juice? Nope. Neither did I. Learn something new every day. I don't understand- how did absolutely NOTHING end up in his cup?

Oh, by the way, grape juice was in "his" pitcher. The purple can soda is not his, nor is he allowed to drink it. The crawdaddy has to have caffeine every now and then. Yes, he does have one shoe off and one shoe on. Yes, the shoe is on the wrong foot. No, I don't let him run around naked. I dressed him earlier. Twice. He then decided to redress himself, obviously according to his own taste- grape.

Diddle diddle dumpling...

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