Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An ABC Friendly Dilemma

The three day hiatus also presented a bit of a moral dilemma. What would you do? Comments are certainly welcome.

Friend A and Friend B have been best friends since they were children. Enter Woman 1. Friend A and Woman 1 have a child together but never married. They went their separate ways for a number of years by their own mutual choosing. Out of the blue, Friend B runs into Woman 1 and tells Friend A about it. Friend A then starts talking to Woman 1 again, mainly because she was brought back into his attention by Friend B. Woman 1 plays hard to get with Friend A, while in the meantime sleeps with Friend B. Woman 1 and Friend B mutually decide never to tell Friend A about their "relationship" as it would really hurt him. However, Friend B brags about Woman 1 to friends C, D, and E...who also happen to be friends with Friend A also. If you were friend E, what would you do?


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StangFvr01 said...

Let me first say that Friends A & B and Woman1 were too confusing in your descriptive scenario. I would've made up fake names for these ladies instead. Once I sorted out all the players, I came to the conclusion that: Woman E should tell Friend B that if she didn't want this to get back to Friend A, she should've never said anything to anyone, and that what she needs to do now is figure out what she's going to say when it gets back to ... is it Friend A? Anyway, once it gets back to said person, and it will... it's over. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Sometimes it's good, but other times it's not. Fortunately, in my business, word of mouth has launched my career. I imagine it has destroyed others. Friend B--consider talking a class in dating etiquette. Is there such a thing?


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