Friday, July 13, 2007

Moon Flower - Sacred Plant

During a recent visit with relatives, I inquired about a flowering plant that I thought was absolutely gorgeous! Due to the inquiry, I recently discovered the "Moon Flower" or Datura inoxia.

Datura inoxia - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is such a fascinating plant! The Moon Flower's white trumpet-shaped blooms start to open at night and they are about the size of your hand. Absolutely beautiful and extremely fragrant!

The Datura is also revered throughout many different cultures as a medicinal, magical, or sacred visionary plant due to its
aphrodisiac attributes. All parts of the plant can be poisonous, so care should be taken when growing it, as it is not child or pet friendly.

I have been so enthralled with this plant that I cannot wait to try growing it on my own! I'm a symbolism geek at heart, and to me, this wonderful discovery combines symbolism from Freud, Jung, mythology, and also the tarot.

The High Priestess is my favorite tarot card as to me, it has always been my "self" card. The High Priestess is a card of knowledge and intuition- that which is known but not revealed. Mysterious. The High Priestess is about the things that are hidden but not necessarily seen, told, or discussed. There is much duality in the meaning of this card as the High Priestess is both a seeker of knowledge and record keeper of the truth. On her throne, she sits, almost somewhat precariously, between pillars of light and dark, good and evil, with the crescent moon at her feet and the moon crown on her head. The scroll in her hands is an archive of information which she may or may not share with you. Pomegranates, symbols of traveling to and from the land of the dead, decorate the curtain behind the High Priestess' throne. The curtain itself acts as a shield which almost protects her from the troubled emotional waters which are flowing freely behind her. What hidden secrets are in these waters? Will she choose to share her secrets with you or not?

There is also a Black lotus flower atop the black pillar and a white lotus flower atop the white pillar. Yet hey, I kind of think a "Moon Flower" is simply much more clever!

So, the Moon Flower is hereby instated as the Official Blog Flower of Cemetery Road 101.

In the future, check out the Moon Flower label on the right for other posts about my Moon Flower growing endeavors. The seeds are scheduled to arrive in another week or so!

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