Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Chicken Noodle Escape

I am soon to be escaping from the land of Chicken Noodles. I am excited. Who am I kidding? I'm jumping up and down, fighting to contain my excitement! Now that's more like it!! I am heading out into the real world of grown-ups with one infant in tow. After dropping the toddler off at grandma's, I am boldly going where I have not been able to go for at least the last eight months. First, I have a meeting with my thesis advisor and then I'm off to visit my sister and a couple of my fabulous single girlfriends whom I have not had the pleasure to really "visit" with since baby number two arrived. My three day hiatus is largely due to some timely house repairs. So, tonight I am thankful that when I turned on the air conditioner back in June some little plastic thingy-a-ma-bob cracked, water leaked, and chunks of drywall came plopping down into the bedroom. It was certainly not funny at ten o'clock at night, but on the eve of my welcomed departure I find it incredibly fantastic! The only vacation I'm taking this year is because the bedroom ceiling has to be fixed before it caves in! Since things generally do tend to come crashing down on me here lately, I have decided that I should not press my luck. Anyway, the hiatus, no matter how short, is indeed a good thing. I will miss cemetery road probably until the end of the week, but it will be in my thoughts.

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The bouquet residence
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