Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Graveyard Bubble Bursts in China...and on Cemetery Road

Have you ever thought about the many layers to how we all seem to live in our own little bubble worlds? Hmmm....

Below is a link to an interesting article about China's Graveyard Bubble by James Reynold, BBC News. Seems pine boxes are the least of China's issues as they have more pressing issues with bubble bursting.

China's Graveyard Bubble Bursts

Is it just me, or are there more people worried about what's going to happen to them when they're dead vs. what's going to happen to them today when they're living?

Here's a newflash: when you're dead, do you really think you'll be around to care?

It's not that I'm trying to be disrespectful, but is it possible that the living are more worried about these issues than the dead?

Recently, a woman I know admitted she told a friend of hers that she couldn't possibly purchase a particular plot in a local graveyard, because her deceased husband would then be lying alongside a publicly known child molester! Now this particular Christian woman also realized that the comment was completely unnecessary on her part, yet she still struggled with the idea of having someone she loved residing next to a known criminal for the rest of eternity.

Oddly enough, this sort of reminded me about going to it really all that important who you are sitting next to in the front pew? The back pew? In front of your television at home?

"All around heaven's gates, the monkeys chased the weasels...the monkeys said get out of our graves! POP! Goes the bubbles!"

Well, since I obviously won't be buried in China anytime soon, let me say once again that I want to be cremated - cheaper route to go and takes up less space. Psst...hey China, may want to consider that. If not, it probably won't be long until someone figures out how to eBay Chinese plots. Sarcastic and a bit distasteful, yeah sure, but is really all that far-fetched? Internet auctions have expanded to include real estate so tell me how cemetery plots are really so far away from that? Ok, now just stop it. There goes at least a half dozen busy real estate agents rushing off to figure out if that really is something legal to sell on eBay. You know who you are. You house that small inner hope that maybe just maybe that get rich quick scheme won't bust your bubble!

I can almost hear George Strait singing:

"I've got some, ocean front plot-perty in Arizona.
Bid on your headstone so you can eBay the sea.
I've got some, ocean front plot-perty in Arizona.
If you'll buy that I'll throw in Paypal fees for free."

Then George Strait asks, hey what happened to the Golden Gates? Sorry George, guess they moved to China and we didn't get the email. Seems that Spam blocker picked a lousy time to actually start doing something, didn't it?

Here is another bubble to check out:

Another blog on The Bubble Death

I hope you've enjoyed today's bubbles on Cemetery Road, for here a bubble is more than what meets the eye! I'm waving my magic bubble wand good-night to you too!

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