Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cemetery Road

Hello and welcome! I hope you will enjoy my little area of cyberspace that I use simply, "to write stuff." Nothing mind-blogglying and probably nothing that will ever change the world in some grand illustrious fashion, yet small windows into my world of the ever common everyday dramas that plague the souls of each one of, friends, children, pets, work, problems, and of course the DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, which each of those items brings with it!

Today's topic: Cemetery Road

From my small front porch stoop I watch the days pass. A friend of mine visits and jokes, "Folks are dying to get in there" as she points to the cemetery across the street. Somehow, the joke never seems to get old and we laugh every time. Yet, when the machine digs each grave, and I watch the funeral processions come and go, followed by the men who shovel the lumps of red clay back into the ground, it doesn't seem quite so humorous. Mourners visit the graves of loved ones occasionally, yet the majority of the time the road is peaceful. On abundantly windy days, my quiet next-door neighbors excitedly come out to greet me in their own quirky way...plastic worn bouquets lie scattered across my lawn and I think it is their way of saying hello while quietly shouting, "bring me flowers when I'm alive as they're not worth a damn when I'm dead and gone!" Another year and I have still not received any live flowers. If only the dead knew how much I enjoy the pitiful plastic ones.

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The bouquet residence

The bouquet residence
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