Friday, June 22, 2007

Cockroach Reproach

Who would have thought that a small repulsive insect is one of the hardiest bugs on the planet? It is certainly nice to know that if we ever destroy ourselves in a nuclear war that these little critters might very well take over the planet. If only I could go a month without food than perhaps I too might be able to get rid of the extra 10 lbs. of baby weight, lol! Oh well, guess I'm just nowhere near as adaptable as a cockroach, yet I do maintain a very fair symbiotic relationship with these overly-friendly Cemetery Road guests. I run a very tight ship and keep my roach motel open daily as it is a prominent all-inclusive resort vacation for these known celebrities only. Any one that wanders in is sure to have an unforgettable visit and there is always an open invitation to spread the news to all friends and acquaintances. Shh...the secret is in the special mints left on the pillows. A few words of caution: curious guests who trespass outside the hotel perimeter do so "solely" at their own risk. The "sole" of my shoe would love to introduce itself!

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The bouquet residence

The bouquet residence
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