Friday, August 17, 2007

Did Ya Bring Yer Shovel?

We returned from the shore, though I am still trying to finish laundry, unpacking, and getting rid of the ton of sand that somehow followed us home in toys, swimsuits, and shoes! The weather was beautiful and hot. A bit unbearable a few days as it was over 100* but the breeze from the ocean made it harder to really care about the extreme heat.

Below is my toddler playing at the beach. Yeah, we take shovels everywhere! Did ya bring yers?

This is "Carolina Moon" - absolutely gorgeous and oceanfront! If you're ever in the Holden Beach area this is certainly a lovely vacation home. The children fed seagulls from the upstairs balcony while pelicans flew overhead, ferociously rocked in all the rocking chairs along the porch, and loved the child sized Belize chairs around front!

It was beautiful, but I won't pretend that it wasn't an exhausting week for me. I don't think mothers ever really get a true vacation. Vacation generally just means all the extra work of piling everyone into the car and lugging stuff and yourselves somewhere else to continue your daily responsibilities. Though it is hard to beat looking out at the ocean. It's nice to drift away somewhere where you can just sit and bury your feet in the sand.

For a short while, it was also nice not to worry about the heavy machinery digging in the dirt across our street.

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