Thursday, September 6, 2007

Death of the Moon Flowers

After much denial, it is with sheer brute force that I have finally come to the conclusion that the moon flowers are dead. Here along Cemetery Road, I am admittedly finding it slightly ironic that the blog's official flowers are simply dead. I haven't written in awhile because I was off diligently keeping watch, watering them, cursing the moon and my silly moon chants, and an assortment of other denial-like activities that urged, "just give it one more day."

I can only procrastinate the inevitable though, for so long. Four to six weeks has dragged on in upward of eight to nine weeks so I believe it is a fairly safe bet that the moon flowers are not going to sprout. Unless, they are invisible and have wings.

Ghost Moon Flowers?

Boo! Boo hoo!!

Well, I am nevertheless determined to try again.

A quick check on the calendar says that the next full moon will be on September 26th. In the meantime, I will be preparing a second attempt to wake the dead!

You're welcome once again to come out and make some noise with me if you'd like to!

This time, in the spirit of Jiffy popcorn (the self contained popping pan of popcorn that can even be used outdoors) I am going to try using a package of Jiffy pellet peat pots.

Now, say that really fast five times....Jiffy pellet peat pots, Jiffy pellet peat pots, Jiffy pellet peat pots, Jiffy pellet peat pots, Jiffy pellet peat pots...

Yeah, I know, I laugh hysterically by the fourth and fifth time as it sort of runs together and I want to say pees in a pot!!! Or toilet seat pots!! Then I get this fantastic image in my mind of moon flowers, except the plants themselves are now flowering bare gigantic naked butts! A sort of full moon, moon flower!

Well, perhaps the moon flowers will prefer to propagate themselves in their own individual little pees in a pots.

I hope so. Sure would be nice to see some actual moon flowers around here.

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