Monday, February 16, 2009

Interment: An Internet Poem

I wrote this poem a while ago, as the first line oddly began while I was waiting in a funeral procession and looking at everything around me. Strange, how that sometimes happens...a line begins, in a most unusual sort of way and then it goes in its own direction. Granted, a somewhat odd take on things, but a different did make me pause for a few moments at the unique similarities and at how various aspects of pop culture tend to "pop" into my mind at the most unusual times.


Traffic to the site,
closely monitored by
clicked on headlights.

In an instant,
policeman messaging forward,
eyes google out of windows.

All the while, struggling to reconfigure-
defragment this hard drive.
Error. Files not found.

Surfing. Searching. Yahoo!
Baby boomers of the plot com era!
Can you digg?

Friends, no BC or CC gathered here,
yet decorate myspace
and write on my wall.

Choose to stumble upon
the links, the interconnectedness,
of deleted cookies crumbling.

Switch packets to packets,
In God We Trust,
Rest in unassembled pieces.

Visitors are always welcome!
Please no tracking urls,
but feel free to roll over.

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The bouquet residence

The bouquet residence
delivery from the other side of the fence