Thursday, October 11, 2007

The South Central Fair at Cemetery Road

The South Central Fair at Cemetery Road

Each October, the fair coming to town is such a monumental event. Literally.

I simply had to share my favorite view of the fair. Sadly, I don't think I'll ever see this particular view in any of the local newspapers, but it is nonetheless, my favorite view.

I can just imagine all the souls desiring undisturbed rest in peace, that are annually invaded by the week full of noise, music, and wonderful smells. I'm sure there's nothing worse than lying there craving some cotton candy, popcorn, and candy apples, while trying to decipher if that's a side of cow, pig, or chicken wafting alongside of the aromas.

If ever there was going to be a great time to wake the dead, I think the fair would be the ideal situation. However, even ghosts might be rudely awakened at today's five dollar price tag to ride one little silly ride. Instead of the "you must be this tall to ride" signs, they should read, "you must be a broke fool if you spent five dollars on this here thirty second expensive thrill."

Well, I don't really have much room to talk. I spent my five bucks on a virgin strawberry daiquiri and a funnel cake. Best five bucks I've spent in a long time, and now I have this nifty blue and hot pink plastic glass in my cupboard. When it's been a hard day, I refill the glass with whatever I have on hand...kool aid, water, tea, rum and coke, whatever. It really doesn't matter.

Then, I imagine I'm helping to wake the dead. The dead people walking that I wish would just wake up to what's going on around them. The dead brain cells in my head that obviously aren't getting enough oxygen flowing to them. The dead relationships that abound in the distant past. The dead silence that is really haunting. The dead funeral processions that come and go along the roadway. The dead leaves falling off the trees. The dead day. The dead night. The dead romances that sparked on the ferris wheel and smoldered by the time the colorful lightbulbs were turned off well after midnight.

I raise my glass to commemorate a time for every season and I know, the fair will be back next October. Alive with more funnel cakes and strawberry daiquiris.

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