Monday, May 4, 2009

Springing Ahead

From the time the clock springs ahead an hour, I spend the next couple of months in a frenzy trying to catch up to that hour I somehow managed to lose and totally forget where I put it...

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Reminds me of the Stephanie Meyers Twilight series where there’s a single blank page for the months Bella simply isn't functioning without Edward. Had this huge ah-ha moment flipping through those pages and even laughed aloud as yep, have some of those months myself, probably more often than I care to admit!

A bit like the last two months and this blog...started around March, April, and now...MAY!!
There, might’ve caught back up to it this month.

Spring hits and suddenly there's warm weather and sunshine and I struggle to make myself write something.

Oh, I'm still like an elephant that never forgets as I'm around...dabbling a bit here and there with a few various projects.

Writer's Eye 2008

Discover Southside

Bull Bay Review

Then of course, there's always this lovely warm sunny weather we've been having!

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The bouquet residence
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