Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus in a Cheeto? The Devil in a Tomato?

The web is buzzing about Kelly Ramey and her discovery of Jesus in a snack-sized bag of Cheetos. Quickly deeming the edible orange oddity “Cheesus,” Ramey’s family is enjoying the unique Cheeto which bears a resemblance to the shape of Jesus on the cross.

Like Kelly Ramey, I too recently found my own spiritual coincidence while making homemade spaghetti sauce. After picking buckets of tomatoes with two small rambunctious boys I was exhausted. The children were more than a little ornery and my day, to say the least, was difficult. The task of pureeing tomatoes and preparing dinner was inciting additional anger and frustration...

Until I discovered my very own, extremely delightful, angry "Devil Woman."

There was an old devil woman, who hated tomatoes too, but she had so many children, she didn't know what to do!

If you're interested in a few more funny looking tomatoes, check these out:

A Chinese man bought a Mickey Mouse tomato at his local market.

The Human Face tomato

More funny shaped tomatoes.

Scroll down the page to see the "Attack of the Salmonella Tomato" - obviously a doctored photo but it's funny.

Ok, so this one is an orange that looks like a cat but since tomatoes are fruit? veggies? I deemed that it was worth including!

I predict the world will continue to find the unusual in common every day items...

There's the potato chip lady, Myrtle Young, who visited Johnny Carson in 1987 to show us her potato collection...

Kelly Ramey now has the Jesus "Cheesus" Cheeto...

What do you think will be next?

Well, if you find something strange in your food, do share and let me the meantime I'm hoarding away bags of Cheetos and I'm not sharing. No, not seriously, but I will make another trip out to my in-laws' garden just to be sure there aren't any other demons lurking around. I'll be sure to let you know what I find!

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