Friday, May 9, 2008

Ship Yourself to the Moon

Remember when you were many times did your mom threaten to ship you to the moon?

Admittedly, if I had been keeping track, I firmly believe that I would have simply stayed in a perpetual orbit! My mom's always been wonderful, and I know that I certainly gave her plenty of reasons to want to ship me to the moon. In fact, the whole prospect of being shipped to the moon has this endearing sort of nostalgia attached to it now whenever someone mentions going to the moon. So, when I heard about one of NASA's current collaborative projects I just had to share!

Through June 27, 2008 everyone is cordially invited to ship your "Name" to the moon.
Names are being collected and will be placed on a microchip which will travel to the moon aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft to mark NASA's historic trip back to the moon.

For additional information, visit the NASA press release available at the link below:

To add your name to the list, simply click on the link below:

I'm so excited! I'm finally "officially" being shipped to the moon! I can't wait to tell my mom!
However...I think I'll wait just a few more days. I'm planning to ship her, along with the rest of our entire family, all to the moon! What a cool idea for a Mother's Day gift!! After all these years of empty threats, I can finally actually do something to get us all there! How neat is that?

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